Listed below are definitions of many of the services I can provide. You will notice that "Email Marketing" is not listed. I am happy to work on email campaigns as long as the recipients have opted-in and always have to option to opt-out. I will NOT participate in anything involving SPAM.

Branding - Includes logo design, creation of slogans, and anything else that people mentally link to your organization.

Web Design - User interface, graphics, and general page layout are all components of web design. This does not generally include writing content (the text on the page is generally supplied by the client).

Search Engine Optimization - SEO is achieved thru setting a website up so that it ranks well in the search engines. This is especially important if the site is to rely on getting most of its traffic from search engines.

PHP - "Personal Home Pages" is a server side programming language. It allows the server (computer that the site is hosted on) to process information without the client (user) seeing the code. PHP is heavily used in processing contact forms and interacting with databases.

Ecommerce - The ability to process financial transactions thru a website. There are 2 main parts that make this possible. (1)A "gateway" is a company that actually processes the transaction. (2) A "shopping cart" helps keep track of inventory and customers as well as initiating a request to the gateway. When using your own merchant account, you also need a secure server certificate. This route can get expensive. So when a client is just getting started with ecommerce, I often recommend paypal. Paypal processes transactions thru their own servers. This means that you do not directly collect payment information, eliminating the need for a secure server.

Javascript - A client-side scripting language. That means that the user can see the code and it is their computer that processes it. Javascript can be used to automatically change things. An example would be showing a random image in the same spot on every page of a website.

Graphic Design - General design of images for any application. I have created designs for T-shirts, brochures, flyers, stickers, coffee cups, and even a wrap-around graphic for a car.

Photoshop - Program that allows the user to manipulate images.

Flash - Program that allows for sound, animation, and programming for dynamic web content.

3D Animation - Generation of video thru the use of CAD-like virtual models.

Database Driven Websites - A database is basically a way of storing information. I visualize it as a spreadsheet with many pages linked together. A programming language such as PHP can be used to change, add, or remove data within the database. PHP can also generate the website by interacting with the database and displaying the most current information.